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How to Answer the Interview Question "Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?"

When interviewing for a new role, one of the common questions you can expect is “Where do you see yourself in five years?” It is not necessary to describe at length what you plan on doing in future, but you can provide an honest answer about what your aspirations are. Before you answer the question set an understanding of what the interviewer is looking for in a candidate for a particular position. This question is basically asked to understand your career goals and how wel.. More
Posted by: Editorial Team Date:Nov 21, 2017


  Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff recommends that individuals should have at least one confidante who can read their feelings, if they want to be successful in their professional life It can be hard to admit you are unhappy at work -even if you're only admitting it to yourself.Moving ahead with your daily routine is in many ways easier than stopping and realising, “Hey, I'm miserable here“. So, it helps to have someone who knows you well enough to do that work for y.. More
Posted by:  ET-Panache 8th November, 2017 Date:Nov 10, 2017

CEO hiring bucks grim recruitment trend in India

Those hiring include infrastructure and manufacturing (particularly automotive and auto component) and private equity-backed companies.  MUMBAI: Increasing automation and cost cutting coupled with a surge in protectionism across much of the globe may have hit overall hiring at most companies in India but the corner office seems to be insulated from this trend. RGF Executive Search hired a chief executive office for an undisclosed automotive company earlier this month, offerin.. More
Posted by:  Courtesy : Rica Bhattcharyya, Sreeradha Dasgupta Basu, ET Bureau | May 16, 2017 Date:May 16, 2017

How to avoid the most common job interview mistakes

You’ve found the role, made an application and been invited for an interview. What happens next will see you celebrating your success or trying to work out what, if anything, you did wrong. To spare you the post-interview angst, here are some of the most common mistakes people make in job interviews and how you can avoid them. Not knowing enough about the company One of the key questions an interviewer is likely to ask is what you know about the organisation. Before going to a job.. More
Posted by:  Courtesy : Lisa LaRue, The Guardian, Monday 15 May 2017 Date:May 15, 2017

10 Things You Need to Check Before Submitting Your Resume

10 Things You Need to Check Before Submitting Your Resume Amy Elisa Jackson  May 3, 2017 Whew! You’ve revised your resume, updated all of the information on it and incorporated all of the right keywords. You must be exhausted and so ready to apply to your dream job. However, before uploading that PDF resume, there are a few key things to double-check. 1. Spelling The number one thing to check on your resume before clicking ‘submit’ is your grammar and .. More
Posted by:  Courtesy: Amy Elisa Jackson, Glassdoor, May 3, 2017 Date:May 08, 2017

Making the right move

Not sure if you are doing well when it comes to your career? Here are nine things that are not necessarily terrible for your career Whether it's your work ment or 's warning that you should never leave the office before your boss, or your friend's idea of the must-have perks at work, people will give you tons of career advice that is not necessarily good. Here are many accepted opinions about what is bad for your career. But they aren't always right: Speaking up about pr.. More
Posted by:  Courtesy ET Panache, 17th April, 2017 Date:Apr 17, 2017

Do CXOs & Senior Professionals need Guidance for Career Success?

  Top-of-mind the answer would simply be "No, not-at-all. What a silly question". After all, what Career Guidance would a CXO or a Senior Professional need since they themselves recruit and guide their subordinates and juniors. The ground reality is actually known to be to-the-contrary! CXOs & Senior Professionals are the ones who need the maximum Career Guidance! Simply because the stakes are extremely high and one wrong move could set their careers back by sev.. More
Posted by:  Prakash Kewalramani Date:Mar 29, 2017

How to Answer the "Tell Me About Yourself" Job Interview Question

Most interviewers start an interview by first asking the open-ended question – “tell me about yourself”. It seems like an easy question, after all it is a topic no one knows better about than you yourself. Yet you would be surprised how many people find it most difficult to talk about themselves! They either ramble on and do not know how to focus and when to stop, or they fumble and give short, vague responses that do not tell the interviewer exactly what they need to know... More
Posted by: Editorial Team Date:Feb 16, 2017

Succeeding in Interviews - General Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Have you got an interview coming up? Are you feeling prepared? It’s natural to feel a little nervous before a job interview. Why? Because it’s nearly impossible to know exactly what questions your interviewer is going to ask you and how you answer these questions could affect your future life and career. Yes, a job interview is a big deal and you need to impress. For starters, we recommend conducting thorough research on the company, dressing to impress and t.. More
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How to Read a Job Description

The internet has made it possible for candidates to have access to thousands of job vacancies at their fingertips. This does not mean that you should be applying for each of these jobs. Research shows that only 2% of applicants actually get called for an interview. The remaining 98% do not even meet basic qualification criteria. Applying to each and every vacancy would increase your rejection rate and may end up making your job search a frustrating and disheartening process. While searching f.. More
Posted by: Editorial Team Date:Jan 11, 2017
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