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Reasons why you don’t hear from recruitment consultants

Posted by:  Sneha Shetty Date:Jul 09, 2015

Reasons why you don’t hear from recruitment consultantsThere must have umpteen number of times when you have applied for a job and then hit a wall…absolutely no response from the Recruiter or Hiring Manager. You have been sending mail after mail for feedback. Your calls / messages remain unanswered. It definitely can be very frustrating!
If the recruiter does not revert to your job application, you need not take it personally. If you're very lucky, you might have a preliminary email exchange with the recruiter and then never ever hear from the recruiter again. It's a discouraging experience; however try enhancing your search by exploring companies that suit your profile. Remember: there are plenty more fish in the sea.
In reality, internal factors are very often the reason why things don’t work out, and the infuriating part is that such features are completely un-related to the candidate. It is possible that you may not be suitable for the job or that your resume needs a modification or your cover letter has to be more focused.


Employers generally do not reveal the reason/s for rejection. This adds to the list of guess-work for reasons for rejections that could include:

  • You feel, the employer may have selected someone else
  • You did not comprehend exactly what the interviewer  was looking for
  • You feel the interviewer must be having some personal issues against you
  • You feel the interviewer must be in a bad mood

Below are some reasons why the problem could have been either with the company or with you.

  • The Position’s Requirements May Have Changed – This happens when additional information is gathered by HR from the internal players within the company that changes a candidate requirement and sadly this can be the primary reason for a recruiter to refuse your application.

  • You Are Not Qualified For The Position – When jobs are not relevant to your qualifications try not applying for such jobs. The job descriptions are written with specific requirements which may not match your skills set. You can also try rewriting your application tailoring it towards what is asked for i.e. if your experience is relevant to the job you want. If not, ditch it.

  • Gaps In Your Education and / or Work History – There may be situations where an extended time of unemployment can be a non-starter, even if your background and skills are excellent. Hiring managers prefer hiring professionals who are employed.

  • Mistakes In Your Resume – Your resume creates your first impression in seeking a job for any profession. It’s the only tool to advertise you to employers throughout the job hunt process. One needs to invest in a lot of time in order to build a perfect resume. In addition to presenting the education and experience, the resume also demonstrates the attention to detail, professionalism and intelligence.

  • No Proper Use Of Key Words To Optimize Your Resume Or Application – Most recruiters shortlist candidates on the basis of the keywords which are specific to the skills or attributes that the company seeks in applicants as its impossible to go through the entire resume. To escalate your probability of being recognized by relevant input of keywords that suite your job and industry.

  • Social Media Friendly – As generations take a turn towards using technology many recruitment firms have leapt onto the social media bandwagon. Connecting recruiters through social media including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will help you in getting an update of the latest job in the market.

As to the reasons why you do not get a response to your mails / calls, it is often seen that many candidates apply for job that just come their way. We have seen professionals applying for various positions which have absolutely no relevance in the function. For instance applying for HR jobs!!! Even freshers applying for GM / VP level positions. The ratio of select-for-further-screening to total resumes received can be as low as 5% to 10% of all resumes received.
A Recruiter, during the course of the day, may be getting several hundred  mails, telephone calls, resumes etc. It is simply not possible for a recruiter to personally respond to each candidate’s mail or phone call.
The ideal practice is to be very selective while applying for a vacancy. Please be sure that you meet at least 70%-80% of the criteria posted in the Job Description. This would lead to better response from the recruiters and also ensure better chances for selection.
If your resume does not match the posted JD, it is best to contact the concerned recruiter separately, brief the recruiter about your background and then send the resume separately with an apt cover letter. This will definitely bring out the desired response from the recruiters!

About the Author:

Sneha Shetty is a professional Resume Writer, qualified with MBA (HR) and Bachelors in Commerce. She is presently working as a Senior Manager – Resume Writing for, a sister concern of Impact HR Services, Mumbai. Sneha is experienced in writing blogs, analysing and developing resumes of various sectors/industries while providing excellent quality of Resumes, Covering Letters and LinkdIn profiles of candidates.

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