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How to Read a Job Description

Posted by: Editorial Team Date:Jan 16, 2018

The internet has made it possible for candidates to have access to thousands of job vacancies at their fingertips. This does not mean that you should be applying for each of these jobs. Research shows that only 2% of applicants actually get called for an interview. The remaining 98% do not even meet basic qualification criteria. Applying to each and every vacancy would increase your rejection rate and may end up making your job search a frustrating and disheartening process.

While searching for a job, it is important to stay focused and apply for jobs that you actually qualify for and would be able to perform.  

The Job Description defines the criteria that would be used for assessment and selection of potential candidates. It also gives a summary of the job/tasks you will be performing if hired by the organization. Hence spend some time carefully reading the Job Description, understand the education, skills and experience required and only then apply for the role.


Listed below are the parameters you need to look at before applying:


1. Your own experience, skills and career objective

Even before looking at the Job Description, it is essential to list down your own education, skill set and  experience, as well as be clear about your career objective and the kind of role you are looking for. This will give you clarity and help you match these with the job’s requirements.


2. Location

Location plays a vital role in deciding whether or not to apply for the job. It is not advisable to apply for any job if you are not comfortable in working in that area. Some position/role specifies the out of town applicants or pays relocation expenses. If you are flexible with relocating go ahead and apply.


3. Education level

Decide if you are qualified based on the education level. If you have a comparable education instead of the one mentioned you can give it a try.


4. Experience required

Employers typically provide a range of number of years of experience expected from the candidate. If you are not close to this range, chances are you will not be shortlisted for the next round.


5. Basic skills necessary

The employer may be looking for specific skills which are essential for the job. These may be technical skills (for e.g. familiarity with a certain software application) or soft skills (for e.g. negotiation, presentation, training, knowledge of a certain language etc.). In some cases for senior positions, employers also specify the size of the team or division you should be currently handling. Make sure you are well-known with these and can provide proof (certificates) or cite situations where you had effectively utilized these skills.


6. Daily activities and responsibilities of the job

Go through the list of specific duties and responsibilities you will be expected to perform. Make sure you can complete and accomplish these.


7. Remuneration

At the end of the Job Description you will find the salary package they offer yearly and/or monthly basis. These are generally specified by marking an ‘*’ which has a saying Depends On Experience (DOE), which means the salary is negotiable based on how well you fit the qualifications, experience, skills and other specifications. Generally, when the compensation is listed as DOE, you may have to submit a salary slip.


If you consider you’re the right fit

Note that the Job Description provides a guideline for the kind of candidate the employer is looking for. While some parameters such as location, technical skills etc. may be absolutely mandatory, the employer may be a little flexible in some other parameters such as experience or education level. If you feel you are broadly matching most of the criteria listed, then move forward and apply for the job. Good luck!


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