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3 common interview questions job seekers struggle with the most, and how you should answer them

Posted by: Editorial Team Date:Jan 30, 2018

It is quite surprising that the trickiest interview questions are simple, common and straightforward. But while they seem simple, how you answer is actually what counts. Managers across industries are looking for analytical and sharp thinkers who can make a great first impression.


It feels great to land in your dream job and even more greater to have an idea of tackling difficult interview questions asked by the HR of your dream company. Here, jobmantras brings you 3 interview questions and an effective pattern to answer those.


You can also creat a mock interview session for yourself to brush through questions that could possibily be asked and how to answer them. In fact, it is beneficial to say these answers out loud. This will help during the actual interview, making you sound more confident and knowledgeable. It also helps to eliminate any stuttering or filler words. brings you three commonly asked interview questions job seekers struggle with and the best tactic to answer them.


What are your weaknesses?

It is awkward answering this tricky question as it showcases your negative side but, you can answer it in the most effective manner by turning the negative into a positive. You can state that you work hard and with a positive mindset. You can also bring out honest answers as most interviewers are not really looking for a candidate’s organizational skills or their presentation skills but they try to find out whether the candidate has self-awareness and most importantly if they’re able to tell the truth during difficult situations.



What are your Strengths?

This being the easiest question, most candidates get carried away while answering. Many don’t answer it well hence; there is an opportunity for you to stand out from the crowd if you can speak about your strengths in an authentic and compelling way. You can also answer it by saying you are a highly motivated individual and loves getting things done within deadlines. Put your answers in a way that it aligns with the company’s needs thus making an excellent addition to the team.


Reason for leaving the current job?

This question is asked to verify if there are any red flags related to leaving an organisation. Therefore, make sure the positive reasons are highlighted for considering a new position and avoid talking about the negative ones. Remember! As you are answering the question, the interviewer at the back of the mind tries to understand whether you are leaving on a good /bad note or looking to escape and/or grow. Speak positively of your current employer and communicate in a way that you’re looking at the new position as a progression in your career.

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