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How To Answer the “Tell Us Something About Our Company” Job Interview Question

Posted by: Editorial Team Date:Mar 23, 2018

The question “Tell us something about our company" or “What do you know about our company?” is generally asked to determine an individual’s interest in joining the firm / organization. The interviewer wants to make sure that you have spent time researching the company before applying for the position.


Hence, be prepared to talk about the organization by thoroughly researching before your interview.


What You Sould Talk About:

  • You could show your knowledge about:
  • Company history
  • Promoters
  • Employee strength
  • Geographical presence
  • Business units
  • The specific department you are applying to
  • Clients
  • Latest news
  • Mission, vision and values
  • Company culture

Avoid mentioning any the negative news or feedback about the company.  Instead talk about all the positives you have read / heard and use that to reiterate why you are excited to have the opportunity to join the company.


How You Should Prepare:

Below mentioned are various ways in which you can find out more about an organization and answer the “tell something about our company" question effectively.


1. Read the Job Description

- Usually the JD itself has a section about the company and the department. This is your first step to researching about the company


2. Go through the Company Website

- Go through the website thoroughly including all sections on “About Us”, “Services”, “Clients” etc.

- Check their press releases for any notable accomplishments, awards, projects, deals etc.


3. Use search engines to research the company and the leadership team

- This is helpful if the website has less information 

- Read news and blog posts about the company and leadership team if available


4. Talk to employees and ex-employees

- Don’t forget to leverage your network here. It will be especially helpful to learn some of the softer aspects like company culture

- It may impress the interviewer to know that you have references within the organization and you have taken the interest and time to speak to them before the interview


5. Look for sites that have employee feedback

- This will give you a fair idea about the work and company culture

- You may find negative feedback from disgruntled employees. Be careful not to mention this during the interview


6. Check LinkedIn for the company profile and profiles of the leadership team

- See what they emphasize about the company

- You may also find some interesting talking points about the leadership team, some articles they have published, common alma mater as you etc.


7. Log on to social media 

- Check Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. for latest company updates and events. These again make interesting talking points and show that you have done a thorough research


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