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What have you gained from your internship programme?

Posted by:   Reema Fernandes Date:May 24, 2016


Students undergo internship programmes which help them to get first-hand corporate exposure and also live experience in their professional stream. This helps them in zeroing in on the kind of job they would like to take up on completing their studies.


Remember! Any work experience is good and the skills that you have developed are useful to get into a particular career. Hence, put together a portfolio of projects on which you have worked during the internships. This is a material evidence of your work and abilities to show prospective employers.


While screening Resumes, HR Managers come across a wide diversity in terms of qualifications, institutes, specializations etc. This  makes it difficult to identify the right candidate for a particular position.


Internship helps in learning & improving your:


 Professional Attitude


Freshers struggle to adjust at workplaces despite their education and skills. The major difficulty individuals face as freshers is getting to work on time, appropriate dressing and professional behaviour. Internship seasons an individual and helps in behavioural change through observation & also guidance from seniors.  



An internship teaches one the importance and challenges of working with others towards attaining a common goal and accomplishing a task. During teamwork, employees are exposed to members of different backgrounds &  perspectives. As a result, they gain listening skills, learn to work as a team and learn to compromise when there is a diversity of view-points. Most importantly, an intern learns accountability and understands the importance of deadlines.

 Time Management

Work experience is the best guide when it comes to managing time and keeping up with priorities. Living up to deadlines, makes one more efficient & effective.


Problem Solving

Interns encounter many problematic situations during their internship and are more likely to know how to solve problems before they get out-of-hand. You learn to address problems on urgent basis. When a critical situation arises, an intern learns how to manage divergent viewpoints from the team-members to evolve a creative solution to the problem. An intern learns that the first idea may not be the one that works. Hence; one has to go back to the drawing board several times before arriving at a workable solution.


So, go through the internship programme with the right-minded attention & seriousness to add value to your CV!!! Use every opportunity to interact with the employees of the organization to learn all that there is. You may not get the opportunity again!



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