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Why should you opt for a Professional Resume Writing Service?

Posted by:  Sneha Shetty Date:Jun 19, 2015

A resume showcases your professional profile including your accomplishments, strengths and career objectives. The Resume is the very first stage of contact with a prospective employer. A thoughtful, well-written resume can do the initial talking for you and would differentiate you as a candidate from rest of the crowd!

"A well-written resume reflects clarity of thought, strongly brings out career highlights and greatly improves prospects for career success"

We have seen that even veteran & senior professionals have huge information gaps in their resumes. Their resumes are not comprehensive, well-presented, well-formatted, easy-to-read and visually appealing. The resumes do not bring out the intrinsic strenghts of the professionals. Busy professionals find it extremely difficult and time-consuming to write effective / winning resumes.

Also, we frequently come across professionals who have been in an organisation for a very long time and hence have not crafted their resumes for ages! They find it tedious to start the process of writing a fresh resume.
Your resume portrays your confidence & competency level. Those who hunt for words for the resumes usually seek help from family and friends. But, there is an intrinsic need to be in touch with a professional Resume Writer.
A  professional Resume Writer who as an external unbiased expert will spend considerable time with you to probe, understand, unearth  & draw-out your core competencies and link them with the needs of the prospective employer. Generally, candidates themselves are unaware of their own latent strengths and need external specialists to identify the same. The Resume Writer would then project your strengths in an effective manner in your Resume.

"No two jobs are the same! Each position has its own specific requirements. Ideally, a resume should be written each time you apply for a job, the resume must be tailor-made specifically for the needs of each organization or job you apply for."

Why do freshers need a professionally written resume?
The need for a perfect resume arises when one moves out of school/college (learning mode) for their career (application mode) – which is a transition phase. During the learning mode the complete focus is on the theoretical aspect and after the completion of your education is the application phase, wherein you would apply all your acquired skills. The ability of transferring your acquired knowledge to perform practical demonstration of your skills in a work culture should be highlighted as your potential and competency in your resume.
You may not be able to highlight it in the right way, as the recruiter needs it or the way it has to be described, hence you need someone who can understand you better and can summarize your skills and abilities in the best possible lay out.
When you find it difficult to describe your skills and display your qualifications, drafting a resume would be a highly challenging job. If you are unsure about the words and the matter to be mentioned in the resume, then you need not hesitate to take a professional help. Drafting a perfect resume and sending it across to the recruiters would open the doors for a perfect job!
Why do senior professionals need to have a well written/professional resume?
In our long association in the business, we have come across a large number of cases where even senior executives falter when it comes to preparing an expert resume that would do the initial pitching for them.
One should be able to summarize the entire career history, skills and quality which may increase the chances to get selected for any job. If you lack the ability of drafting a brief qualification statement, then you may not be able to showcase your profile; thereby bringing it to a dead end.
Your resume should contain a summary of your skills, experience and abilities which would define your role and responsibilities. The outstanding ability to clarify your duties as per the given role helps you to progress in your career. A perfectly written resume is an evidence of understanding of your skills and responsibilities which may match the organizational goals.
It is very essential to have a well-written and updated resume with all your skills, education and work history. By drafting a summarized professional document, one can easily identify the improvement areas and the successful areas. Therefore an updated resume helps you to evaluate your personal and professional goals. Now that you have a list of all: skill set/expertise and experience but yet falling short of words to phrase it right. That’s when a professional touch is needed! Seeking professional help for resume writing is a must these days as the recruiters needs keep changing with the changing time.
Professional resumes are written from a recruiter’s point of view, far beyond a lay man’s language or potential. A concrete resume will correctly elucidate your background, areas of expertise and qualifications, and also can be termed as a key to help you in competing with other applicants in the job market.
A professional resume contains all relevant information that best describes your strengths, accomplishments and unique skills, leaving out redundant details that add little or no value!
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About the Author:

Sneha Shetty is a professional Resume Writer, qualified with MBA (HR) and Bachelors in Commerce. She is presently working as a Senior Manager – Resume Writing for, a sister concern of Impact HR Services, Mumbai. Sneha is experienced in writing blogs, analysing and developing resumes of various sectors/industries while providing excellent quality of Resumes, Covering Letters and LinkdIn profiles of candidates.


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