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Is your LinkedIn profile more valuable than your Resume?

Posted by:   Mahak Kewalramani Date:Jul 09, 2015

Is your LinkedIn profile more valuable than your Resume?

LinkedIn is fast becoming the weapon-of-choice for recruiters and hiring managers globally. Usually the first thing a recruiter does after going through your resume is look up your profile on LinkedIn.

The question of whether LinkedIn profiles are replacing traditional resumes is one which is being widely debated in the global recruitment community with both sides providing strong arguments. In the Indian context however, while LinkedIn adoption is on the rise, it is still a long way from replacing the dominance of the traditional resume in a job search. There is no replacement to having a well-documented, professionally written and impactful resume. Having said this, your LinkedIn profile can help you build a professional brand and add value to your resume. You definitely should not be neglecting this potential. Here are some reasons why:

"There is no replacement to having a well-documented, professionally written and impactful resume. Having said this, your LinkedIn profile can help you build a professional brand and add value to your resume."

  • Searchability & Visibility – LinkedIn profiles are indexable and searchable online. If you have ever tried Googling your own name or any name for that matter, you would have found that the LinkedIn profile typically shows up as the first or second result. This has incredible visibility to anyone with internet access, as compared to your resume which is only available to limited recruiters and employers. 

  • Your network – LinkedIn is not just about you but also about whom you know and interact with. Your network is important, especially if you are in a business development role. Recruiters want to know the strength and reach of the professional network you bring with you

  • Testament to your skills and experience – A resume is a first-person account of your skills and experience with the sole objective of landing a job and recruiters may be skeptical of what they read. To differentiate yourself from your competition, you need to not just talk about your work, but also showcase your capabilities. LinkedIn allows you to publish content and upload samples of your work, turning your profile from just a digital resume to an online portfolio. This is an incredibly powerful advantage that LinkedIn has over a traditional resume and using this feature well can make you stand out from the crowd. Further LinkedIn endorsements and recommendations provide a validation of your accomplishments

  • Long format – Resumes are usually expected to be concise, fitting neatly into 1 page. LinkedIn profiles can be more comprehensive. This is not to suggest that we recommend having a long-winding, rambling LinkedIn profile, but you can use the space to highlight honors & awards, extra-curricular activities, projects, affiliations and voluntary initiatives that you would have to skip on the resume due to space limitation. You can also link to your professional publications and blogs

  • Visual appeal – Recruiters have to sift through hundreds of profiles every day and studies have shown that they do not spend more than a few seconds on each profile. Adding pictures of your certificates, awards, publications etc. makes your profile visually appealing and eye-catching

  • Up to date – Resumes are static documents documenting your profile at a point in time. It is unlikely that you keep updating your resume and sending it out to Hiring Managers on a regular basis. LinkedIn profiles, however, are easy to update frequently kept refreshed and current

  • Connect with recruiters – LinkedIn enables you to interact with recruiters and hiring managers, and build a relationship with them which might prove useful in your future career moves

  • Not just for recruitment – LinkedIn is more than a resume, it is a professional branding tool. Even if you are not actively in the job market, chances are that people are checking out your LinkedIn profile. If you are meeting with your clients or vendors, speaking at an event or interviewing prospective employees, you can be sure that people will be researching you and forming a first impression even before meeting you. LinkedIn gives you the power to control what these people read about you .

Hence, do put in intensive efforts to develop a strong Linkedin profile.  Incidentally, there are professional resume writers who also have strong capabilities to develop your LinkedIn profile.


About the Author:

Mahak Kewalramani

Mahak Kewalramani handles strategic initiatives at She has over 7 years experience in Project Management, Product Management and Business Consulting, with a focus on Technology and Digital Marketing. Mahak is a Dean's List MBA student from the SP Jain Center of Management and holds a B.E. from Mumbai University. She is an avid reader, inquisitive traveler, yoga enthusiast and social media junkie.

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