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7 Mistakes to Avoid During Your Job Search

Posted by:   Mahak Wadhwani Date:Jan 04, 2018

Job search is a tough process. Mistakes don't go well with a job searching process. In today’s competitive market, even a typo in a systematic resume is enough to knock you out. During a job search, being careful of what you write, say, apply and pitch will ensure you impress recruiters. To help you, we have rounded up a few of the common mistakes that job seekers typically make. 


1. Ignoring Offline Channels of job search

A common mistake many job hunters make is to rely solely on job portals. Though job portals do offer the widest range of vacancies, understand that the competition is extremely stiff on these sites. Your profile will likely get lost amongst the lakhs of other profiles. survey revealed that 35% professionals found their current job through employee referral programs and 13% through Recruitment Firms. A good rule of thumb is to spend about 50% of your job search time online and the other 50% reaching out to family, friends and old colleagues, attending industry events, participating in alumni groups and building a strong, reliable network.


2. Ineffective resume

Research shows that recruiters spend an average of just six seconds scanning a résumé before deciding if the candidate is worth calling in for an interview. If your resume doesn’t make the required impact in under 6 seconds, chances are it will be tossed aside. Therefore, while applying for jobs, your resume should be designed systematically such that it highlights the key details you need to land your dream job. Also don’t be tempted to make it too informative and lengthy.

Recruiters have to sift through hundreds of resumes for each position and they just want to read the highlights. Make sure you make the resume is concise, accurate and compelling enough to get noticed and save all the details for the interview.


3. Not being focused in your search

When the job market is tough it is important to be focused on a job related to your experience, understanding, and knowledge. This is a key to successful job search. Don’t while away time by applying to every range of jobs. It is also time-consuming for the employer. Find the right job which brings in satisfaction, growth potential, and good compensation.


4. Unprofessional Communication

Avoiding the use of casual email addresses, informal language / SMS lingo, sending a blank email with attachments, not drafting a good cover letter etc. are some defects that can turn employers away from shortlisting a candidate.


5. Inappropriate dressing during an interview

First impression is a lasting impression and making a good first impression is through dressing. Read our guide here on dressing for an interview.


6. Undervaluing Yourself

Research on your value in the marketplace for negotiating on a good pay scale effectively. Never disclose your salary requirements first. The negotiation time starts when the employer has made it clear of you being a top candidate.


7. Leaving your previous employer on a bad note

You might think that things said on the way out the door do not matter. This could not be further from the truth. Potential employers check references, and if you have left your previous job on a bad note, it could haunt you.

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