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Tell us something that isn't in your Resume

"In looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if they don't have the first, the other two will kill you."...Warren Buffet While attending an interview, an interviewer will always want you to share something beyond what you have mentioned on your resume. The idea is to get a complete picture of your background. Your resume states the facts related to your past experiences and job profile, but the interviewer wants to kn.. More
Posted by:  Reema Fernandes, JobMantras Date:Jun 17, 2016

What have you gained from your internship programme?

  Students undergo internship programmes which help them to get first-hand corporate exposure and also live experience in their professional stream. This helps them in zeroing in on the kind of job they would like to take up on completing their studies.   Remember! Any work experience is good and the skills that you have developed are useful to get into a particular career. Hence, put together a portfolio of projects on which you have worked during the internships. This is.. More
Posted by:  Reema Fernandes Date:May 24, 2016

How do you decide on a job offer?

Best decisions are made when you learn the most important aspect of communication – “hear what isn’t said” When you get a job offer, you may be so excited about it that you may not delve into various essential aspects. However, you may not be the first one to accept an opportunity without thinking, there are many more. Yet, it is essential to research substantially before taking any decision. You must collect information like how long has the organisation been i.. More
Posted by:  Reema Fernandes Date:Apr 05, 2016

How to Negotiate a Salary Hike

  Have you ever felt you are performing but are being underpaid?  Have you given a thought that people in the same profile in other companies are being paid more?  Have you done a research on the value of your skills?       If you are eager to gain a pay hike, you need to be giving a thought on the above questions. This will help you to justify your statement of negotiation and command a better hike. As said by Amy Poehler, “It’s.. More
Posted by:  Reema Fernandes Date:Apr 04, 2016

How to manage interview stress

  Getting the right job is not easy! As it is, you are stressed out (for reasons best known to you) looking for a suitable opportunity. Once you get an interview call from that “dream company”, the thought about succeeding in the interview will generate even more levels of stress.  You prepare yourself very well for the interview (what to wear, what answers to give, what salary to ask for). Yet, you are stressed out! Why??? What is it that is affecting you? It is .. More
Posted by:  Sneha Shety Date:Mar 21, 2016

What interviewers & job-applicants do not like about each other

Although both interviewers & job applicants need each other, there are a number of things which act as deterrents in building a great relationship between the two. We list below some of these deterrents. What interviewers do not like about job-applicants 1. Lack of clear enthusiasm & interest in the organisation and/or the assignment: as if the candidate has been "pushed" to attend the interview. The candidate goes for the interview without doing research abo.. More
Posted by:  Prakash Kewalramani Date:Mar 03, 2016

Your First 30 Days in a New Organization

"Don't sense what happens a year later, just focus on today and apply your skills to get to where you want to be."   Getting a new job is an amazing feeling and that’s a new beginning! Your real test begins when your work starts and offers new challenges of aligning your profile as per the employer’s requirements and work culture. You need to follow few steps to ensure you lay a proper foundation for your new opportunity. What you do and don’t do in .. More
Posted by:  Sneha Shetty Date:Feb 10, 2016

8 Tips to Efficiently & Effectively Work from Home

As a part of their employee engagement / retention programmes, a number of organisations are opening up to the prospect of employees working from home (either for a brief period of time or on a long-term basis). This applies both male and female employees.   The reasons for employees wanting to work from home could be many (e.g. small children, health etc.). A number of organisations, in fact, encourage employees to work-from-home to minimise office-infrastructure investments, elimina.. More
Posted by:  Karishma Daswani Date:Feb 08, 2016

How to Write an Effective Job Description

“The scope of a job lies in the effectiveness of its description” Drafting of a job description is one of the toughest sections of defining the expectations from a position and the work that needs to be performed by an employee. It is also the first & most vital information for the Talent Acquisition process as it defines the criteria that should be used for assessment and selection of potential candidates. During recruitment processes, recruiters have a better chance of attra.. More
Posted by:  Reema Fernandes Date:Feb 05, 2016

10 Mistakes to Avoid in a Job Interview

No matter how great your application is and how suited your profile is to the job requirement, the interview will typically be the final make-or-break decision. Most interviewers do understand that candidates are nervous and will falter somewhere along the interview. However some mistakes are complete deal-breakers and if you want to avoid bombing the interview, make sure you avoid these 10 common interview mistakes: 1. Arriving late - Showing up late would make a bad first impression. It w.. More
Posted by:  Mahak Kewalramani Date:Jan 27, 2016
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