A Well-written CV reflects clarity of thought, strongly brings out career highlights and greatly improves prospects for career success

Stand out from the crowd! Move up in life!!!

As they say, first impressions are lasting impressions! A Résumé is the first point of communication between a job-seeker and the Talent Acquisition Manager (TAM) in an organization.

Résumé-Writing is an art! A great Résumé conveys all important & relevant information about the job-seeker, yet at the same time it is a brief, to-the-point and visually appealing document.

A typical Talent Acquisition Manager (TAM) in an organization is bombarded with hundreds of Résumés each day! The manager (always under work-pressures) has limited time to go through all these Résumés. All Résumés apparently look and read the same. Only the Résumés which are well-written convey meaningful and relevant candidate information in a crisp and visually appealing format stand out and draw the attention of the TAM.

So, if you are aspiring for that dream job, it is important that your Résumé stands out from the crowd and does the talking on your behalf! Hence, there arises a need for a professionally crafted Résumé to help you take the first step in achieving your Career Aspirations.

It is not just Freshers who need professional assistance in developing their Résumés, even senior professionals need that touch of expertise in Résumé-Building to climb the organizational ladder and move up in life!

At JobMantras.com our operating philosophy is to work with a commitment to excellence and achieve the highest level of quality in every aspect of our business. Our mission, vision and core values are used as a framework to guide all our team-members towards the unified goal of becoming a preferred and reliable solutions provider for all our customers’ needs. In short, we aim to be the best!

JobMantras provides a variety of professional Résumé services that can help you attain your dream job. JobMantras and its affiliate organizations (with current team size of over 40 professionals) bring in over 20 years expertise in dealing with Résumés for all levels, functions & industry verticals.

We provide an exclusive bespoke Résumé Writing service for all; including Freshers, Managers, Senior Managers, C-level Executives and aspiring Captains of the industry. Our end product is a summary, to-the-point and highly effective Résumé covering all important aspects and milestones made in an appealing presentation format in terms of styling & fonts.

Our team of professional Résumé Writers has vast & thorough relevant experience to meet your specific needs. We provide the highest quality of Résumé and Cover Letter services coupled with extremely personalized approach and service. We offer a complete range of customized Résumé-solutions for enabling you to brand & project your strategic deliverables in your specialized domain to the prospective employers.

We begin the Résumé designing/ crafting process with a one-on-one telephonic detailed interaction by our Résumé Writing experts. This session will help us probe and bring out the various facets including career objectives, your unique & intrinsic strengths, achievements, recognitions that need to be highlighted in the Résumé.

1. Entry-Level Résumé Services (Freshers)

Are you a Fresher/Post Graduate seeking your first job?

Your entry-level Résumé is responsible for setting you apart in a job pool filled with candidates who have similar backgrounds. Get our professional help in developing a complete new profile that would truly stand out!

We assist you in:

  • Preparing your profile with a detailed discussion with the writer to understand your career aspirations and showcase your career objectives.

  • Highlighting your skills, educational / academic achievements with industry relevant key words.

  • Formatting and designing your Résumé as per the latest industry trends.

Cover Letter

The Cover (or covering) Letter is an essential part of your job application as it introduces you, and the context in which the Résumé is being sent, to a prospective employer.


2. Executive Level Résumé (1 – 5 Years experience)

Seeking an Executive/Manager position in your dream company?

Once you have gained experience and acquired key skills, it gets critical to highlight only the most important skills and achievements in your Résumé. When filling an executive opening, hiring managers focus on quality candidates who demonstrate forward-thinking leadership, management skills, and proven results. For showcasing the best in a competitive environment and attain the higher position, it is crucial to have a professional Résumé. Our team of expert writers will analyze your profile, skill set, experience, and education to extract the most relevant information to present in a professional manner so as to attract the recruiter’s attention.

We would assist you in:

  • Highlighting your key skill set, achievements, and industry experience.

  • Providing a clear picture on your career goals, abilities, and preferences.

  • Designing and drafting your Résumé with relevant key words or phrases as per the industry standards/norms.

  • Preparing your profile with a detailed discussion with the writer to develop a recruiter friendly Résumé.

Cover Letter

A succinct, sharply focused cover letter is an excellent tool to highlight your key offerings and expectations at an early stage. It acts as a precursor to the detailed Résumé which is attached.

3. Senior Executive Level Résumé (6 – 15 Years experience)

Are you seeking a Senior Executive/Manager position?

A Résumé is an advertisement created to get you more interview calls. Your Résumé needs to make a compelling argument that convinces a company that you're the right candidate for the job. We know what the employers are looking for and aim to enhance your chances of getting shortlisted for all important interviews. With excellent attention to detail we pride ourselves in the way that we present the CV, combine style with factual information.

We assist you in:

  • Crafting out an eye catching, Résumé for you, demonstrating your qualifications and experience to create an impact on your potential employer.

  • Understanding your educational background, areas of domain knowledge/expertise, responsibility areas you have handled, significant career achievements, the growth path you have acquired,

  • Highlighting your general management and team building abilities coupled with your leadership skills.

  • Designing research driven, analytically optimized Résumés to help you stand out from the crowd in a competitive job market and win that Interview call with ease.

Cover Letter

A cover letter is a professional way to introduce yourself to prospective recruiters and convey them what makes you fit for their organization.


4. CEO/COO/VP/Director Level Résumé (15+ Years experience)

If you are an experienced professional/leader with a potential for growth waiting in the wings of corporate corridors or a seasoned executive with a wealth of experience and accomplishments looking for a move to greener pastures, this is the service that you need to bring your application to the top.

Your profile should portray your ability to bring about organization-wide impact, the Résumé will help you compete for leadership with the best of the best, through a brilliant word portrait that highlights your skills, experience, knowledge and expertise, and underscores your differentiated profile with panache.

We assist you in:

  • Expediting your search for the next level career engagement, further ensuring your Résumé emphasizes your USPs, KRAs and key accomplishments in a Standard Accepted Structure.

  • Preparing your Résumé in line with the best industry practices thereby ensuring it gets maximum visibility on the leading job portals to draw attention of headhunters.

  • Showcasing your experience, professional strengths, achievements, career-growth & objectives in a crisp and concise way by highlighting your innovative, general management, team building and leadership qualities.

  • Enhancing your chances of getting the job offer from the top most organizations in your industry with premium Résumé.

Cover Letter

A Cover Letter is a summary of your Résumé, including your career objective and other work details. Our Résumé writing experts make a well written cover letter that conveys your competence concisely and precisely.

International Resumes

In today’s world, there are a number of professionals seeking international / Global assignments. Here, it is essential for a serious candidate to have a Resume especially written to international norms in order to attract the attention of Overseas Hiring Managers. Our team of experts includes senior HR professionals (based in India & overseas) who have substantial experience in handling International Resumes.

LinkedIn Profile Creation/Update

In today’s world, most Hiring Managers go through a candidate’s Social Media profile (especially LinkedIn Profile) before calling the candidate for interview and definitely before making an employment offer. The Hiring Managers look for a candidate’s various behavioral & performance indicators on these social profiles. The Hiring Managers definitely look into skill-sets, membership of professional groups, peer-recommendations, friend-circles etc. Information so collated, definitely plays a very important role in the selection process. Hence, it is essential for a serious candidate to have a well-written / powerful profile and also update the same very frequently.

We have flexible packages available depending on whether you are a new graduate embarking on the job search for the first time, or are an executive / senior executive wanting to improve your online personal brand, or a COO who already has a presence on LinkedIn but may not be maximizing it.

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