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Salary Increment Negotiation Tip: Before negotiating a raise, know your market value. You can get an idea by speaking to people doing similar roles within and outside your company. Also take a look at JobMantras Salary Indicator to know your market worth
Interview Tip: Asking questions at the end of the interview shows your personal interest towards the position and reinforces your seriousness as a candidate. You can ask questions about performance appraisals, career growth, training opportunities etc.
Job Search Tip: When looking for a job, don't just stick to online sources. Networking is the most powerful source of job leads. Our research shows that 35% professionals found their current job through employee referral.
Cover Letter Tip: The Cover Letter should be tailor-made for the specific organization and role you are targeting. It should clearly highlight your skills specific to the job opening.
Career Tip: To stay relevant in the ever-changing job market, you need to stay updated with the latest skillsets & technologies. Take courses & get certified to show current & prospective employers that you have the drive to stay ahead of your colleagues
Resume Tip: Your resume should get very specific when listing your accomplishments. Mention facts, figures, and numbers (team size, deal size, turnover, percentage growth, etc.)
Job Search Tip - Use of casual email addresses, informal language / SMS lingo, sending a blank email with attachments, not drafting a good cover letter are some defects that can turn employers away from shortlisting a candidate.
Career Tip - CXOs & Senior Professionals need Career Guidance too. The stakes at that level are so high, one wrong move could set their careers back by several years
Leadership Tip - Dictating a grand vision will get you nowhere. Instead, involve your team in planning goals and regularly check in to find out what’s blocking them from achieving their targets.
Interview Tip - There is an opportunity to stand out from the crowd if you speak about your strengths in an authentic & compelling way.You can also answer it by saying you are a highly motivated individual & love getting things done within deadlines.
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