Success Tip of the Day

Job Search Tip: When looking for a job, don't just stick to online sources. Networking is the most powerful source of job leads. Our research shows that 35% professionals found their current job through employee referral.
Job Search Tip - Use of casual email addresses, informal language / SMS lingo, sending a blank email with attachments, not drafting a good cover letter are some defects that can turn employers away from shortlisting a candidate.
Job Search Tip - The Job Description defines the criteria that would be used for assessment and selection of candidates. Spend time carefully reading the JD to understand the education, skills and experience required for the role.
Job Search Tip - Before applying for a job, do a thorough research on the targetted organisation. Often Professionals come to grief due to wrong Career choices
Job Search Tip - Before applying, do your professional/ personal SWOT to evaluate how you stack up to the job
Job Search Tip - Have an active & strong network .Our survey shows 35% professionals got their next job opportunity through referral
Job Search Tip - Even if you're not actively seeking a job change, it's a good idea to periodically update your Resume
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