Success Tip of the Day

Cover Letter Tip: The Cover Letter should be tailor-made for the specific organization and role you are targeting. It should clearly highlight your skills specific to the job opening.
Resume Tip: Your resume should get very specific when listing your accomplishments. Mention facts, figures, and numbers (team size, deal size, turnover, percentage growth, etc.)
Resume Tip -Build an impactful Resume. Hence, make sure your resume introduces and appropriately highlights the important information across the entire document, the bullet points should be used to summarize the “key selling points”.
Resume Tip - Start with a Strong Summary. Make it good!, Its where you tailor your CV to the job you are applying for, making sure you are addressing that position specifically. Avoid generic terms.
Resume & Cover Letter Tip - Your CV should be no more than 2-3 pages and have zero grammatical & spelling mistakes
Resume & Cover Letter Tip - You have only 6 seconds to grab a recruiter's attention. Make the right impression with a well-written CV
Resume & Cover Letter Tip - Your Resume is the first contact with a prospective employer. A well-written resume can differentiate you!
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