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Leadership Tip - Never lose hope, no matter how bleak things look. Hope is the rope that will pull you up. It is your connection, your stairway, to get your dreams and expectations realized. Never leave the rope of hope.
Job Search Tip - Before applying for a job, do a thorough research on the targetted organisation. Often Professionals come to grief due to wrong Career choices
Job Search Tip - Before applying, do your professional/ personal SWOT to evaluate how you stack up to the job
Career Tip - Build a strong & proactive presence in professional social media to be noticed by potential employers
Career Tip - Avoid being branded a "Job-Hopper". Do not change your job within 3-5 years of joining an org
Resume & Cover Letter Tip - Your CV should be no more than 2-3 pages and have zero grammatical & spelling mistakes
Job Search Tip - Have an active & strong network .Our survey shows 35% professionals got their next job opportunity through referral
LinkedIn Tip - Have you updated your LinkedIn profile? Employers do view the same before interview or offer
Career Tip - Have the right Attitude. In the War-For-Talent, Organisations recruit more for Attitude than for Skills
Job Search Tip - Even if you're not actively seeking a job change, it's a good idea to periodically update your Resume
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