What's the top watch-out in job hunting? Work environment

Courtesy: ET Bureau | Mar 19, 2018 Four in 10 people lack clarity about what to expect from a job while they are looking for one, and three in 10 are unclear about the best channels of job search, found a TimesJobs survey of 1,200 working professionals which has revealed the latest trends in recruiting new-age talent.   4 in 10 lack clarity about job expectations 45% said they lacked clarity about job expectations while looking for a job  35% said they lacked clarity .. More
Posted by:   Courtesy: ET Bureau | Mar 19, 2018 Date:Mar 21, 2018

India Inc’s top executives earn 243 times more than average staff

   Courtesy: ET Bureau | Mar 19, 2018 ET Intelligence Group: The compensation of India Inc’s top 100 senior executives other than promoters holding executive positions has seen a sharp increase, thanks to better than average increase in salaries and higher payouts of commission or bonus. The average compensation of the sample increased by 12.1% to Rs 9.8 crore in FY17.   Further, the median salary of the top senior executives is on average 243 times higher than .. More
Posted by:   Courtesy: ET Bureau | Mar 19, 2018 Date:Mar 20, 2018

Why recruiters should hire Marathon Runners

    Ever wondered why people run for long hours, day in and day out? Why do they sacrifice early morning sleep or evening leisure time? Ever heard of comments such as, they have a mid-life crisis, have nothing better to do in life, they are torturing themselves and are crazy?   Contrary to the so-called perception non-runners have, here are some facts about Marathon Runners:    *Determination* - Running Marathon is not just about physical fitness, i.. More
Posted by:   Unknown Date:Mar 06, 2018

Recruitment Trends - March 2018 Edition

Recruitment Trends - Jan 2018 Edition Recruitment News Market News, Trends & Predictions  Hire & Fire: A boost for job creation in Budget 2018  In what is being seen as a big boost to job creation, the government will allow fixed-term hiring across sectors while committing itself to bear the entire 12% of the employers’ contribution to the provident fund for all new employees.  Source: Econmic Times; 2 Feb, 2018  Government’s infrastructure pro.. More
Posted by:   Mahak Kewalramani Date:Mar 06, 2018

Recruitment Trends - Feb 2018 Edition

Recruitment Trends - Feb 2018 Edition Recruitment News   Market News, Trends & Predictions  Auto engineers likely to be in demand  The next technology revolution in the automobile sector--autonomous or driverless vehicles--is likely to increase demand for engineers and other tech specialists over the next three years. The sector is likely to employ about 110,000 engineers, up from about 70,000 now, by 2020.  Source: Economic Times; 1 Jan, 2018  NBFCs.. More
Posted by:   Mahak Kewalramani Date:Feb 19, 2018

Companies use Instagram to capture talent

Your presence on Instagram could not only opens doors to influencer videos and branded content, it may also land you a job. Companies and HR networks are leveraging the platform to get hold of freshers in creative roles, or for social media management. Fresh-out-of-college millennials, who post selfies and videos on the platform, could be notified of job vacancies as well. Firms such as Floating Canvas Company, Epsilon and Instamojo now h.. More
Posted by:   Courtesy Times of India | Feb 12, 2018 Date:Feb 15, 2018

Recruitment Trends - Jan 2018 Edition

Recruitment News Market News, Trends & Predictions  Media and Entertainment companies to add 8 lakh jobs by 2022  The media and entertainment (M&E) industry is likely to add 7-8 lakh new jobs by continuing to register a strong double-digit growth of 11-12 per cent over the next five years. With the rising consumer demands, changing business models and digital disruptions, a study conducted jointly by CII and BCG has highlighted the need for the industry to prepare itself.. More
Posted by:   Mahak Kewalramani Date:Jan 04, 2018

Recruitment Trends - December 2017 Edition

Recruitment Trends - Dec 2017 Edition Recruitment News Market News, Trends & Predictions  India to see highest salary increase around Asia Pacific in 2018 at 10%, says Survey  Salaries in India are projected to rise at 10 per cent next year. This is same as the increase in salary in 2017, according to the 2017 Salary Budget Planning Report released by advisory company Willis Towers Watson. What is positive is India's projected salary for 2018 is the highest in the Asia .. More
Posted by:   Mahak Kewalramani Date:Dec 04, 2017

At over Rs 1 crore a year Microsoft set to offer the fattest pay package at IITs this year

By Sreeradha D Basu, Economic Times US technology giant Microsoft is likely to offer the highest pay package at the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), where final placements starting today will see companies slugging it out for the cream of engineering talent from the Class of 2018.  According to campus sources across top IITs, the company is likely to offer about a package of Rs 1.39 crore for jobs at its Redmond headquarters. The total package of $214,600 will comprise a b.. More
Posted by:   Courtesy Economic Times 1st December, 2017 Date:Dec 01, 2017

Dell CIO warns IT employees: No organisation can reskill you, do it yourself or be ready to leave

The average salary hikes seen among the top sectors saw a drop as compared to the last year.    MUMBAI: Almost all industries witnessed conservative appraisals, with banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) receiving the least, a survey said.    The survey- "Salary Trends and Attrition rates in Q1 (April-June 2017)"- was conducted by end-to-end online recruitment and career solution portal, across 120 companies from 10 industries, in.. More
Posted by:   Courtuesy : Economic Times PTI | Updated: Aug 03, 2017, 10.13 PM Date:Aug 04, 2017
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