Telecom Shakeup Casualties: 75,000 Jobs and Counting

Once mergers take place, overlapping areas will see more redundancies Devina.Sengupta Mumbai: The telecom sector lost a fourth of its workforce, or some 75,000 employees, in the last one year as operators, tower firms and vendors consolidate to remain afloat in the severely competitive industry. In the telecom industry, manpower accounts for 4-5% of the costs, but in the last few years there was no reining in of salaries. Now that expenses need to be harnes.. More
Posted by:   Courtesy Economic Times 15th November, 2017 Date:Nov 15, 2017


Fashion e-tailer Voonik asks staff to forgo 3 mths’ salary Digbijay.Mishra Bengaluru: Sequoia Capitalbacked fashion focused e-tailer Voonik has told 200 employees that the Bengaluru-based company won’t be able to pay them their salaries for the next three months as it undertakes massive cost-cutting measures, people directly aware of the matter said. The company has a total workforce of about 350 people. The affected workforce is largely in product.. More
Posted by:   Courtesy: Times of India 14th November 2017 Date:Nov 15, 2017

Pre-placement up at IITs; Wipro, Microsoft among big recruiters

  Acceptance Rate Peaks; Comp Science, Electrical Engg In Favour Pre-placement offers or PPOs are on the rise at the Indian Institutes of Technology and acceptance rates on students' part have peaked too. Companies such as Qualcomm, Samsung, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs and Amazon are avoiding the early placement rush and instead offering jobs to the graduating class of 2018 via the PPO route. PPOs at IIT Delhi have touched almost 170 and the count at IIT-Madras is 114--a 56% r.. More
Posted by:   Times of India 8th November 2017 Date:Nov 10, 2017

Recruitment Trends - October 2017 Edition

Recruitment Trends - Oct 2017 Edition Recruitment News Market News, Trends & Predictions  KPMG on talent hunt as advisory battle looms  After losing more than 350 professionals to Deloitte in the past few months, professional services firm KPMG is rebuilding its advisory practice, using both organic and inorganic routes, as the battle for advisory business gets fiercer between the Big Four firms. Source: Economic Times; 11 Sep, 2017  Michael Page India: 87% profe.. More
Posted by:   Mahak Kewalramani Date:Oct 06, 2017

GST opens job opportunities for finance, commerce graduates

Ravi Kohli, 23, had been looking for a job at a tax consultancy firm for over two years. But the graduate in accountancy and finance was unable to find his dream job as all the top tax consultancies wanted either a chartered accountant or a degree from top universities. But after the Goods and Services Tax was rolled out by the government, Kohli suddenly found multiple openings.   “I was forced to work as a sales assistant at a brokerage firm for a year after completing m.. More
Posted by:   Courtesy : HindustanBusinessLines | Sept 19, 2017 Date:Sep 20, 2017

New Survey Says This Is A Surefire Way To Tank Your Job Interview

Hiring managers move resumes to the “no” pile for one egregious mistake, reveals a new Glassdoor survey. Even if a candidate is highly qualified, has great references and oozes charm from every pore, if he or she hasn’t researched the company, they’re less likely to be hired. Samantha Zupan, a Glassdoor spokesperson, said that the number-one interview killer is having an irrelevant or nonexistent line of questions for the interviewer. “It sends a l.. More
Posted by:   Courtesy : Vanessa McGrady , FORBES| Sept 19, 2017 Date:Sep 19, 2017

Recruitment Trends - September 2017 Edition

Recruitment Trends - Sep 2017 Edition Recruitment News Market News, Trends & Predictions  Indias job confidence outlook highest in Asia Pacific mkt  Indias job confidence outlook ranked highest in the Asia Pacific market, with 84% Indian professionals participants indicating that they foresee a good future economic scenario in the country. A majority of Indian professionals (84%) favourably viewed their job and economic situation in the next six months and assessed it as .. More
Posted by:   Mahak Kewalramani Date:Sep 11, 2017

These Job Hunters Are Looking For Purpose Over Pay

More and more professionals are looking to drive social change and are seeking jobs where they feel their work matters. As companies embrace technology to enhance productivity of employees and enable them to have more flexibility at work, freelancing and virtual offices are redefining the traditional workplace. Employees are also evolving and now searching for jobs that offer a strong sense of meaning, not just paychecks. More and more millennials (those aged between 1.. More
Posted by:   Courtesy : NDTV Profit Team I August 16, 2017 Date:Aug 17, 2017

IIIT-Hyderabad graduates get Rs 13 lakh-Rs 18.8 lakh salary offers

As many as 116 companies registered for conducting placements and 100 per cent of the students secured jobs.    HYDERABAD: The BTech graduates of the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT-Hyderabad) here received salary offers ranging between Rs 13.4 and Rs 18.8 lakh per annum.  Besides, the graduates of the masters programmes in IT got average salary offers between Rs 14 lakh and Rs 17.7 lakh per annum, the institute said today in a statement.  .. More
Posted by:   Courtesy : Economic Times, PTI | Aug 13, 2017 Date:Aug 14, 2017

Don't Worry About Job Loss Through Automation, Government Assures

The "growth momentum" of the economy will result in new job opportunities, says Minister of State for Finance Arjun Ram Meghwal. A 2016 World Bank report - "Digital Dividends" - speculates that automation threatens 69% jobs in India. New Delhi: The government on Tuesday said that job loss through automation in India should not be a matter of concern as the "growth momentum" of the economy will result in new job opportunities. A 2016 World Bank repor.. More
Posted by:   Courtesy : NDTV I August 08, 2017 Date:Aug 10, 2017
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