Effective Channels for Job Search

Posted by:   Mahak Kewalramani Date:Dec 11, 2015

One of the most important elements of job search is identifying suitable openings in your desired field. We asked professionals on our website how they found their current job and the result is as below:

JobMantras Effective channels for job search


61% professionals have found their current job through employee referrals and online job portals


Employee Referral: 35% professionals found their current job through employee referral. Networking is the most powerful source of job leads. Companies also prefer referral hires since they have the highest applicant-to-hire conversion rate and tend to have higher job satisfaction and stay longer in the company. A typical professional has about 100-150 contacts including family, friends, ex-colleagues, clients, vendors etc. If you consider that each of these contacts could have another 100-150 contacts of their own, this leads to a network of over 10,000 first and second degree connections  that you could tap to look for job openings.

Job Portals: Job Portals came in second with 26% professionals having found their current job through these portals. Online job portals provide 24/7 access to openings across industries, functions, levels and geographies at the click of a button. Advanced search capabilities make it easier to find, browse and narrow in on relevant vacancies. Also with the new trend in niche job sites based on industry, company size, work preferences etc., job portals will continue to stay and important and relevant sourcing medium in the next few years. Read our tips on how to use online job portals to successfully land your dream job.

Recruitment Firms: Another good source of job hires is through recruitment firms. These firms typically work on specific mandates from clients and their role is to identify the best-fit candidates for the opening.Companies prefer going through recruitment firms for good quality and high volume requirements. To get the best out of recruitment firms, read our blog on understanding and dealing with recruitment firms here

Direct Application: Direct application to the company through cold-calling, email, website etc. are losing relevance in job search with only 9% professionals having successfully landed a job through these approaches. At a junior level though, walk-in, job fairs and campus hiring have still shown good results.

Social Media: Social media currently holds only 4% of the pie, but this chunk is set to grow in the coming years. Companies are realizing the potential of social media as a cost-effective and efficient source of quality hires. 

What has been your experience with various job search sources? Share your comments below.

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