Why recruiters should hire Marathon Runners

Posted by:   Unknown Date:Mar 06, 2018



Ever wondered why people run for long hours, day in and day out? Why do they sacrifice early morning sleep or evening leisure time? Ever heard of comments such as, they have a mid-life crisis, have nothing better to do in life, they are torturing themselves and are crazy?


Contrary to the so-called perception non-runners have, here are some facts about Marathon Runners:


 *Determination* - Running Marathon is not just about physical fitness, it’s about strong mental attitude and determination to accomplish the goal. Needless to say marathon runners will accomplish the milestones in work life too.


 *Strategic Management* - Runners are very good planners, you will see detailed plans for training, nutrition, rest. Similarly they will turn out to be excellent planners and strategy managers with mission at work.


 *Higher tolerance levels / Stress management* - Because they have endured physical pain for long distances, working under pressure and long hours would not come to them as a challenge. It is part of the life style.


 *Motivation* – They are extremely motivated. We all want our workforce to be self driven. No more extra budgets required for motivational programs.


 *Time Management* – Accomplishing a task on time is extremely crucial in the corporate world. Marathon runners ensure to accomplish their running milestones within the planned time limits. Accordingly they will achieve professional tasks well in advance before the deadlines.


 *Network access* – Runners tend to be extremely social and meet a lot of new people in various running events. Most often, they will be a part of running clubs and communities. They are extremely friendly, social quality of these individuals make them a valuable marketing / sales individuals with access to a large pool of diversified multicultural workforce.


 *Health* – They will always strive to be healthy, obviously you can expect them to show up at work regularly. Less or practically no sick leaves. One can be rest assured, their insurance premium costs are to the lowest.


More often than not, you will find them offering innovative solutions for challenges faced on day to day basis. They will strive to accomplish the best and keep adding value to themselves and the organization.


 *Next time you come across a Marathoner, look at him / her as a valuable treasure and resource.*

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