What's the top watch-out in job hunting? Work environment

Posted by:   Courtesy: ET Bureau | Mar 19, 2018 Date:Mar 21, 2018

Courtesy: ET Bureau | Mar 19, 2018

Four in 10 people lack clarity about what to expect from a job while they are looking for one, and three in 10 are unclear about the best channels of job search, found a TimesJobs survey of 1,200 working professionals which has revealed the latest trends in recruiting new-age talent.  

4 in 10 lack clarity about job expectations

  • 45% said they lacked clarity about job expectations while looking for a job 
  • 35% said they lacked clarity about best channels of job search 
  • 20% were unclear about company culture


Work environment, culture most important factors for job 45% hunting

  • 35% said they wanted to know about the work environment while looking for a job
  • 30% said they would like to know more about the culture
  • 20% said compensation
  • 15% said perks


Career growth opportunities, fair compensation most important factors in a job

  • 35% said they wanted career growth opportunities in a job
  • 30% said fair compensation was important
  • 20% looked for fl exibility
  • 15% wanted challenging work

If yes, what channel they should use

  • 60% said email
  • 25% said message
  • 15% said phone




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