Recruitment Trends - Jul 2016 Edition

Market News, Trends & Predictions  Indian companies most optimistic globally on hiring plans  Indian companies have remained the most optimistic globally on hiring plans for the fourth consecutive quarter, while China is placed at the bottom within Asia Pacific region, a ManpowerGroup survey showed. Releasing its third-quarter global hiring outlook survey, the leading staffing consultancy said, "Indian employers report bright hiring prospects for the next three months. So.. More
Posted by:   Reema Fernandes Date:Jul 05, 2016

Recruitment News Roundup - Jan 2016

  Market News, Trends & Predictions 10 HR Trends You'll See In 2016 The rise of technology and social media have completely redefined the role of Human Resources around the world. To understand what the future holds for HR professionals around the world P World we spoke to over 60 international HR experts, discussing their ideas and predictions for the year ahead. The conclusion- 2016 is going to be one of the most complex years in the global HR world. Source: Huffingto.. More
Posted by: Editorial Team Date:Feb 04, 2016

Effective Channels for Job Search

One of the most important elements of job search is identifying suitable openings in your desired field. We asked professionals on our website how they found their current job and the result is as below:   61% professionals have found their current job through employee referrals and online job portals   Employee Referral: 35% professionals found their current job through employee referral. Networking is the most powerful source of job leads. Companies also prefe.. More
Posted by:   Mahak Kewalramani Date:Dec 11, 2015

Is an MBA Degree Essential to Succeed in One’s Career?

Till just about a decade ago, an MBA was considered a highly prized degree. Students and professionals wishing to propel their careers were lining up to add those 3 coveted letters to their resume and corporates were fighting for the “Day Zero” placement slot to grab these young MBAs. However it seems that over the last decade, the degree has gone from a must-have to a nice-to-have. This has been corroborated by the October Poll in which a whopping 72% of professionals.. More
Posted by:   Mahak Kewalramani Date:Nov 06, 2015

The happening industry to be in today

Our last month's poll leaves absolutely no doubt in terms of the happening industry to be in today's world - ecommerce. More than 50% of the respondents voted for ecommerce, with IT / ITES / BPOs / KPOs being a distant second with 25% of the votes polled.     The reasons for this thumping response are many:   1. ecommerce is still a nascent industry (8-10 years old at best), growing at a scorching pace (over 50% per annum). Some companies are growing at even 200% - 300.. More
Posted by:   Prakash Kewalramani Date:Oct 09, 2015

Annual Salary increments in India this year (2015)

  By now, most organizations would have completed their annual employee appraisal cycle. The past few years have been stressful for Indian professionals. A number of organizations had given increments a pass in 2014 (and some, since 2013). So, how has been the scene on the increments front this year? Although, this year too some organizations skipped increments, a reasonably large number of organizations have in fact opened up their purses and doled out incr.. More
Posted by:   Prakash Kewalramani Date:Aug 01, 2015

Current Job Market Scenario in India

  The question uppermost in everyone's mind is "how's the job market". We, at JobMantras are asked this question day in and day out. Our Opinion Poll for the month shows 65% of the respondents are optimistic and feel that the job market in the current quarter is better than in the previous three quarters.   The ground-reality is slightly different. Whilst sentiments are positive, the economy is still to shake off its sluggishness. PM Modi's "acche.. More
Posted by:   Prakash Kewalramani Date:Jul 20, 2015
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