US B-schools Open up Wallets to Lure Indian Students-Courtesy ET, Mumbai, 17th September, 2016

Grads getting up to $135k in scholarships compared with $10k-30k earlier Rashmita Redkar and Shreya Mathai were showered with scholarships when they applied for MBA programmes this year. Redkar got four offers -$100,000 from Harvard, $120,000 from Kellogg, $60,000 from Tuck and $54,000 from Wharton.Mathai had offers of $100,000 from Harvard and $120,000 from Kellogg. Both picked Harvard Business School and Redkar even became one of six to get the Horace W Goldsmith Fellowship. They were.. More
Posted by:   Courtesy: Varuni Khosla & Sreeradha D Basu Economic Times Date:Sep 17, 2016


Older workers booted from jobs are seeking restitution or going to great lengths to look younger The median US worker is 42, which makes sense given the boundaries of typical working age. At Silicon Valley companies, the median employee is more likely to be 31 (Apple), 30 (Google, Tesla), 29 (Facebook, LinkedIn), or younger, according to researcher PayScale. Plenty of other industries are trying to phase out older workers for younger, cheaper ones, but the Bay Area's tech companies are si.. More
Posted by:   Courtesy: ET Panache, 14th September, 2016 Date:Sep 14, 2016

Now trending at work: No need to mark yourself present

Trust--as a basis of organization-employee relation--has become a crucial element in people retention. On the one hand, organizations are putting in place processes for managing ethics at work; on the other they are placing trust at the core of their relation with employees by allowing them to manage their own work schedules. Showing such behaviour are some progressive companies which have moved from a regular attendance-marking system--where employees punch in and punch out to clock a certain n.. More
Posted by:   Courtesy: Namrata Singh (TOI, Mumbai, 14th September 2016) Date:Sep 14, 2016

Blue-Chip Recruiters Red Hot on B-Schools (Courtesy Economic Times, Mumbai 9th September, 2016)

Top 10 hirers pick up 1,543 MBAs from 26 leading B-schools -almost 50% jump over last year In a fierce war for talent, India's ten biggest recruiters stepped up their B-school hiring significantly, recruiting a total of 1,543 MBAs from 26 leading B-schools in 2016, compared with 1,033 hires across 22 campuses in 2015, according to an exclusive ET study. From data put together across 26 campuses -the largest number in the six years that the ET Top Recruiters survey is being conducted -i.. More
Posted by:   Sreeradha D Basu & Saumya Bhattacharya (Eco.Times) Date:Sep 09, 2016

Recruitment Trends - Sept 2016 Edition

  Recruitment News Market News, Trends & Predictions Employment growth has slowed down in last 3 years: Government Employment growth has shown signs of slowdown in key labour-intensive and export-oriented sectors, despite GDP growth of up to 7.6% in the last three years, Parliament was informed. As per an information received from the Ministry of Labour and Employment, the job growth has been slow in eight select sectors in the last three years. S.. More
Posted by:   Mahak Kewalramani & Reema Fernandes Date:Sep 06, 2016

Alarming levels of Student Attrition & Dropouts even from IITs & IIMs (Courtesy: TOI, Mumbai, Sunday-Times, 21st August, 2016)

  2k students drop out of IITs, IIMs in 2 years Institutes Take Initiatives To Check Attrition Getting into IIT and IIMs is tough as it involves clearing national-level entrance tests. But not all who join these institutions complete their courses. About 2,000 students dropped out of IITs and IIMs in the last two years, data from the institutes show. Academic attrition is the highest at IIT-Delhi with 699 students dropping out between 2014 and 2016. It is followed by IIT-Kharagp.. More
Posted by:   Courtesy: Hemali Chhapia, TOI, Mumbai Date:Aug 23, 2016

Salariy Trends of Indian Banking CEOs (Courtesy: ET Panache 23rd August, 2016)

pay check - BANKING ON THE SALARY RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan recently said that it's difficult to get top-level talent in public sector banks because the top brass is underpaid. Here's a comparison of the salaries of India's key publicsector bankers vs private bankers Governor-in-waiting Urjit Patel, take note.Outgoing colleague Raghuram Rajan in a recent forum said that it is difficult to get top-level talent in public sector banks as they are prone to overpaying at the botto.. More
Posted by:   Courtesy: Satya Kandala (TOI) Date:Aug 23, 2016

Avg CEO pay at blue chips up 100% in 2 years (Courtesy Times of India, Mumbai Edition, 8th August 2016)

Nears Rs 20Cr For Pvt Cos In a sharp jump, the average CEO salary at top listed companies in the private sector is approaching Rs 20 crore -double the level seen just two years ago at about Rs 10 crore. However, this remains less than one-sixth of the average CEO salaries at top listed companies in the US, which stood at close to $20 million (about Rs 130 crore) in 2015 despite a decline from the previous year. In India, the average CEO salary at top private companies, on the other hand, .. More
Posted by:   Date:Aug 09, 2016

Increasing offer-declines (Courtesy: HT Mumbai, 3rd Aug 2016)

As job market revives, candidates thumb their noses at poor offers (Article Courtesy: HT Mumbai (3rd Aug 2016) Himani Chandna ( Candidates are increasingly rejecting salary offers during negotiations, or not joining after taking offer letters. While it is a cause of worry for recruiters, the trend signals green shoots of recovery in the job market. In most sectors, especially BPO, sales, e-commerce, FMCG and telecom, employers are witnessing an .. More
Posted by: Date:Aug 08, 2016

Recruitment Trends - Aug 2016 Edition

Market News, Trends & Predictions India shining, but lure of overseas jobs still hard to resist This may offer a contrarian view to a compelling 'India Shining' narrative. A substantially higher number of Indian employees, if given an opportunity, will take the next flight to NYC than land a posting in NCR. And the lure of an overseas job has grown over the last five years despite the global slowdown and India growing in stature as an emerging market. Source: Economic Times; 22.. More
Posted by:   Reema Fernandes Date:Aug 02, 2016
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